Software for mobile inventory

Simple, fast and time-saving: digital inventory with barcode scanners

Our inventory module provides customized software for integrating mobile computers with various ERP systems such as Microsoft BC/NAV, SAP, Sage and more. Capture your inventory quickly and accurately while minimizing inventory discrepancies.
Mobile Inventur mit Barcodescanner
Errors, high time consumption and frustration

The hidden "costs" of the traditional, paper-based counting process

Error during data acquisition

Manually entering inventory data into a system increases the risk of typos and transposed numbers and can lead to significant inaccuracies in the inventory.

High time expenditure

With manual inventory, there is a high personnel and labor cost due to time-consuming counts, manual logging and subsequent data entry into the system.

No real time data

After the counting process is completed, the manual transfer of data into the ERP system leads to process-related delays in the subsequent posting of the inventory.
„Inventory today is much easier and less time-consuming. And the results are more valid.“
Advantages of digital inventory

With our scanner software, you already save valuable resources during the first key date inventory

High time saving
With the introduction of mobile computers, manual typing is no longer necessary and the permanent availability of the ERP system reduces walking distances.
Rapid return on investment
Due to the high manual effort, the inventory offers an enormous optimization potential and thus enables a particularly fast return on investment.
Avoid manual errors
Thanks to barcode capture, 100% of typos and number errors due to manual recording of product data are avoided
Recognized by auditors
The integration of mobile computers provides a safe and reliable solution for permanent and target date inventory
Mobiler Barcodescanner für Inventur
Integration with your ERP system

Experience the difference with Etiscan: Direct integration with your ERP system for a stress-free inventory process

Our Etiscan inventory module is flexible and adaptable to your requirements. Whether Microsoft BC/NAV, SAP or Sage - we cover a wide range of ERP systems. And if you use a different ERP system, we can also develop a solution for your system together. With Etiscan, you are ideally positioned for efficient, digital stocktaking.
Microsoft BC/NAV
Sage Wincarat, X3, b7

Fast implementation and integration into your ERP system - from concept to operational solution in just a few weeks.


Clear and paperless inventory document

A selected physical inventory document can be loaded on mobile devices. After loading the document, the items proposed for stocktaking appear. It is also possible to enter "ZERO QUANTITIES" or items found in the bin on the digital count lists. 

The inventory is always posted in the ERP system 

The count list on the mobile device is used to record inventory counts and thus also to avoid transmission errors when transferring the results of a paper count list to the ERP system. However, the target/actual comparison and the posting of the inventory using the Etiscan app always and exclusively takes place in the leading ERP system. 
Bestand mobil erfassen
mobile inventur darstellung aller zaehlungen

Color highlighting for a better overview

The list shows items as color-coded counts: green for existing and counted items, red for zero counts, blue for newly found items and white for items that have not yet been processed. Data can be transferred to the ERP system when the count is complete or in between, with the transfer being confirmed on the mobile device. 
Advantages of Etiscan

Fast implementation and integration into your ERP system - from concept to operational solution in just a few weeks.

Etiscan mobile Datenerfassungsgeräte

Maximum flexibility in the selection of your hardware

Our software can be used on a wide variety of handhelds. As part of our consulting service, we support you in selecting suitable hardware for your area of application.
For industrial scanners, tablet, smartphone, wearables and desktop
Runs on iOS, Android and Windows
Connection of printers, scales, paternoster, etc.
Yes, as a premium partner of the market leaders ZEBRA, Honeywell and other manufacturers, we can offer you test devices and a large hardware selection in an all-round carefree package on request.

Easy handling and intuitive operation of the handhelds

A user-friendly interface is elementary for the quick familiarization of your employees and the effectiveness of the optimization in order to actually use the diverse functions.
Capture barcodes, RFID, QR code and text via OCR
Multilingual user interface available
On-/offline capability through WLAN, batch and WWAN
Your employees will be instructed in the use of the devices by us directly on site. Due to the very simple operation and intuitive user interface, this instruction often takes no longer than one hour.
Erfassungsgerät einfache Bedienung

Scalable solution for all intralogistics processes

Whether no logistics or large logistics - we cover your entire logistics applications from goods receipt to shipping in our mobile app. You decide the scope - according to your requirements and needs.
Over 30 standardized modules available
Modular design enables expansion at any time
Development of individual applications possible
Yes! Talk to us about it!
Short project runtimes

Rapid implementation of your SAP system integration - from concept to operational solution in just a few weeks


Offer and planning

After our free online workshop you will receive an individual offer. Subsequently, the specifications are created and coordinated with you.

Solution implementation

Your desired software modules are adapted to your needs and the handhelds are set up for an initial functional test.

Accompaniment in live operation

After training your employees and completing the test phase, we will accompany you into live operation with our reliable service and support.
Usually Etiscan standard modules can be installed within 2-4 weeks for a first test or even a go live, if the ordered solution is 100% compliant with the standard. For customized solutions, project lead times are approximately 12-14 weeks.

Just request a live demo now

Discover how you can achieve your intralogistics goals mit unserer Software erreichen können. Erfahren Sie von unseren Experten, wie Sie Ihre digitize and optimize your processes from goods receipt to shipment.
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    More about Etiscan

    Digitize your logistics processes together with us

    For over 27 years we have been experts in the digitization of warehouse and intralogistics processes. From our headquarters in the Rhine-Main area, we serve well-known customers from a wide range of industries and sizes.

    Our comprehensive solutions are successfully deployed in over 20 countries and enable your warehouse, manufacturing and assembly employees to perform mobile data collection using our customized solution.

    Together, we analyze your processes and optimize the workflow. In doing so, we place particular emphasis on user-friendliness and efficiency.

    As a comprehensive solution provider, we not only support you in software development and implementation, but also supply the corresponding hardware. In addition, we offer comprehensive services and accompany you as a reliable partner even after implementation.

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