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Etiscan WiCaScan for Sage Wincarat

Etiscan WiCaScan enables the connection of mobile data capture devices via WLAN to Sage Wincarat. Etiscan WiCaScan is a certified solution which, thanks to the representation of many WINCARAT modules by means of tested standard dialogues, allows a quick and uncomplicated realisation of a barcode-supported data capture solution. The adaptation effort is thereby reduced to a minimum and thus short project runtimes are also possible.

When you're sitting on a forklift truck and transporting goods through a warehouse, you can't be bothered with complicated dialogs on the data collection device. That's why when we designed our interface, we paid special attention to making it as easy as possible for mobile data collection users. The dialogs were adapted so that mobile users only enter the data that is absolutely necessary. Our scanner client was developed with integrated, highest process security in close coordination with Sage. Incorrect entries or incorrect scans are intercepted and displayed by plausibility checks directly in the barcode scanner at the point of occurrence. - Incorrect entries are thus virtually excluded.

Webinar from Sage and Etiscan on mobile warehouse logistics with Sage Wincarat

Etiscan's mobile warehouse logistics can significantly simplify and accelerate your logistics processes. In this webinar, we will show you the savings potential you have in conjunction with Sage Wincarat and the benefits this solution can offer you. In addition, you will learn everything about Etiscan's latest data collection solution.

The functions


Pallet logic

Operating order confirmation

Material withdrawal and return

Removal from storage for shipping proposal


Your benefits


Our solution was developed in 1998 together with Sage (Bäurer) and has been continuously enhanced since then.

Standard processes

Over 40 WiCaScan standard modules available for a wide range of storage and production processes in the plastics industry.


In over 100 Wincarat projects we prove our Auto-ID know-how.

Complete solution

Everything from one source - from consulting, hardware, software, services to our service and maintenance offer.


High process reliability through clever plausibility checks.


Barcode know-how and project experience.

Get to know our solutions!

In a face-to-face webinar.


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