New scanning device from Honeywell

Honeywell launches its new scan engine with FlexRange in its mobile data acquisition device CK65 with Android. This device is the Android operating system follow-on to the successful WIN scanner Intermec/Honeywell CK3, which comes with three different scanning ranges. These three types of scan engine are combined in the multiple scan engine FlexRange, meaning one device type for all scanning ranges.

We can now offer the CK65 with the new FlexRange engine for the fastest possible barcode scanning from distances of ten centimetres up to ten metres in warehouses and production areas. Dual-lens technology avoids moving parts in the scan engine, so the device is, in addition to delivering higher scanning speed, more robust. The compact design also cuts down on weight.

Scanning can be done from the forklift or at the desk, delivering flexibility and saving time. No more bending down for low-down labels/barcodes - users will appreciate that.

For further information, trial installations and, if necessary, software porting from WINDOWS to Android, please contact our sales department.

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