Cloud ready - Etiscan walks on clouds

The request for SAAS or cloud solutions is also reaching add-on solutions, such as mobile data capture solutions. The time-flexible application and the monthly service price concept are becoming more and more popular.

Etiscan is already cloud ready and offers so-called SAAS - Software as a Service solutions for the offered ERP integrations in MS Dynamics 365 BC, SAP and sage Wincarat. The SaaS model is based on the principle that the software and the IT infrastructure are operated by an external IT service provider and used by the customer as a service. Here Etiscan uses the cloud infrastructure of the ERP provider and integrates the Etiscan service for data communication in this.

The Etiscan basic APP Ignition is already available today via Google Playstore and Apple APP Store. The customised applications are provided in the cloud via the Etiscan service and distributed to the mobile devices from there, as with the server-based on premises solution.

Are you planning to move into the cloud and need a scanner solution for this? We will be happy to advise you and show you the possibilities of the Etiscan SAAS solution.

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